Situations Where Faux Medical Notes are Just What the Dr Ordered

medical doctors groupWith the amount of competition for jobs these days (there is a lot), employers have the upper hand when it comes to forcing employees to work long hours with little benefits, including less and less vacation time. When in all actuality, all that’s needed is a legitimate break, an employee must regain control over this very situation quickly. Never having to beg for time off from the boss again, is as easy as purchasing affordable fake doctors notes that will authenticate well-deserved time away from work, taken on your own accord.
Why authenticity is crucial
Providing a professional excuse successfully, can not be accomplished on your own. This tactic can drastically back-fire in the event you are caught red-handed submitting a bogus excuse. Taking a risk like creating a fake excuse can result in being fired, tarnishing your reputation and setting you up for further questioning, which is never a good thing.
How to ensure high-quality fake doctors notes
The only way to be certain your note will not be questioned is to never create one yourself. People that are being untruthful, even at surface-value, can misstep and make glaring errors like including too many details or failing to compose a professional-quality format. Consequences resulting from using a non-professional quality note will not only be extremely bad, in most cases they will be irreparable.
Just what the doctor ordered – quality
Physician notes typically include elements similar to authentic currency and they can be quite difficult to replicate for that reason. Critically necessary details like a watermark, valid signature, unique and believable logo along with extras like bar-code is usually required for this to work and be favorably received. A quality, online site will offer a doctor’s note that is editable and allow the buyer to select from a large variety of styles to find one appropriate to their situation.thingNot just another excuse
It seems like workers always have to account for where they are, during every second of time, these days. Absence is questioned even to the extent that employee’s personal lives are shared with their employer undesirably. Playing the doctor’s excuse game means sharing details with the boss that’s none of his or her business so that they no longer have the upper hand or desire to question your whereabouts after you provide them the note they demand to account for your time-off:

  • Dentist
  • Medical visits; even
  • Abortion

Employees may be satisfactorily excused upon providing hospital quality return slip paperwork or a letter that reports on why the time away was required.

The benefits of using a faux excuse
Not only does an official note become part of your human resources file, it demonstrates to your boss that you had a very good reason for being absent. Moreover, a legitimate note company also provides the purchaser with a free call back feature to allow an employer to verify the authenticity of an excuse. (Need doctor’s notes? Click here.)

One of the biggest reasons people hate going through the steps it takes to get a simple day off is that there are so many reasons the boss can give for declining the request in the first place. Most of the time people have to plan way in advance (who knows when they will want an extra day off?) and then they have to deal with issues like career seniority. When someone who’s been at the company longer says they need the same day off, too bad for you, you’re out of luck, just like that. Regardless of why you need the time off, it’s truly easier to just take it when you please and validate where you were, “officially”.

Finally, needing more than one day at a time away may also be unfavorable to the company. Too bad for them. When you need to take extra time that otherwise would conflict with (say, your bosses vacation time), now you can just do it and not worry about the ramifications. After all, “life-happens” and certain situations like illness cannot always be planned for. You might also want to get a dr. excuse / alibi.

It is unfortunate that workers are usually forced into compromising positions and punished for requesting time off, regardless of how honest and upfront with their bosses they are from the start. Sometimes a boss may have a power-trip, or it may be the case that you’re not very high on the politics totem-pole. That’s okay. Knowing this ahead of time allows workers to anticipate the inevitable “no” and bypass all of the bureaucracy associated with enjoying a day off without looking suspicious in anyway. The good news is, employees can regain control in these situations, be in charge of their busy schedules and successfully rejuvenate themselves whenever they feel they need a break. Also check out our dr. note / template page.