Doctors Note Template: Get Sick, Excuse Yourself & Be Free

A couple of doctors working on a doctor's note template.
A couple of doctors working on a doctor’s note template.

A doctor’s note template can be your key to success. Ever say this to yourself? You might want to take it easy and get a faux physician’s excuse note.

I don’t want to go to work today! I’m too sick!!!!

Does this sound like you all too often? Practically everybody has put in a request for a day off due to illness at one time or another, but sometimes all that you really need is a chance to “have a breath of fresh air” and to “get away from it all.” The thing is that companies tend to focus almost exclusively on their productivity, on getting things done, to the virtual exclusion of the degree of stress that has to be endured by their employers. Normally, your employer will allow you to take the day off if you have an illness. In a case like this, then what you may need is a fake doctor’s form, for which a template may be found on many websites.


Where to Find a Doctor’s Note Template

There are many websites where you can find templates for fake doctor’s notes, such as this one. When you go there, click on the place where it says to download. You will typically be asked for an email address to which the fake physicians notes can be delivered.

Kinds of Templates of Fake Physician’s Notes

There are as many types of doctor’s notes as there are types of both health care professionals and illnesses – which is to say, an almost endless variety. The package from Best Fake Doctor’s Notes, to which a link has been given above, includes the following templates:

  •     classic doctor’s notes
  •     urologist forms
  •     cardiologist templates
  •     mental health letters and notes
  •     return to work forms
  •     dentist’s notes
  •     jury duty notices – Practically every citizen is called to jury duty at least once. Use this form only once!
  •     funeral pamphlets
  •     oral surgery forms
  •     ENT notes – ENT stands for otolaryngology, which deals with the treatment of the ears, nose and throat.
  •     eye doctor documents
  •     podiatrist excuse documents
  •     medical absence reports
  •     classic medical doctor’s excuses

This variety ensures that you can use a different type each time so as to avoid making people suspicious. There are thirty of them in all. The people responsible for designing these did so by collecting examples of genuine medical documents from all over the United States, Canada and the European countries. Every note will work in all fifty states

How to Use the Doctor’s Note Template

The first thing to do, of course, is purchase the downloads, which will then be sent to your email address. Once you have downloaded them, you can find the note that you want and edit it. The template contains everything that is on a real doctor’s excuse, including the name of the doctor, the name of the hospital or clinic where he or she works, the date when you visited him or her, why you cannot work and other information. You can edit all of these things. Once satisfied, print the document. Check out our doctor’s note / fake doctor’s note page.


…Be sure that you do not use a fake dr. note too many times, though, because if you do, then it is sure to arouse suspicion on the part of your employer (there are many types of crazy bosses)! In that case, there will be a time when you really are too ill to go to work, but nobody will believe you, just the way it was with the boy who cried wolf. Most businesses also provide their employees with paid vacations, so take advantage of them. Grab a doctor’s note template today.