There Are Plenty of Good Reasons to Use a Fake Doctors Note at Work

doctor smoking cigToday many people are using fake doctors notes to get a day off from work. Don’t believe it? Well, it’s true.

New employees aren’t the only ones trying to get an extra day off, long-term employees are also deceiving the boss man. Reasons vary depending on the employee of course, but here’s a little run down on the run for a fake dr note:

New Employees Top 5 Reasons to Call out Sick with a Doctors Note

1. Overslept, again
2. Used all of the sick days on really being sick
3. Dislike your boss and/or co-workers
4. There’s a fresh coat of snow on your favorite ski mountain
5. Had a procedure done that needs to remain private


Whether you’re a new college graduate or are just thankful you got your high school diploma, work is work. The majority of us must do it at some point in our lives and new employees must earn their time off. One week off a year with a smattering of sick days and a possible personal day leaves a lot of days left over to work.

If a person isn’t physically or mentally accustomed to spending the day or night working it can naturally take a toll on you. Having a doctors note could change everything. But there’s the glitch, you weren’t really sick. In fact, you never went to the doctor! Not to mention the time and cost of the co-payment (if you’re insured) of going to the doctor’s (its getting expensive nowadays). Working is not for sissies. Suffice to say it’s not easy to hold down a new job, especially if you are not used to getting up five days a week -forever!

Newcomers are having a hard time to adjust to their new environment at work. Unlike working for yourself, you have all the time in the world and also able to do whatever you desire to and skip work today. You are also disengaged from the pressure and stress of working for somebody else. But that’s not how things are. You can’t escape the mere reality which is the other way around. That’s why you must consider getting a fake doctor excuse. 2

It’s going to be okay. Little white lies such as using a doctors note that you got off of the internet is going to save your sanity and even your job. Yes, your job because if it wasn’t for the ability to find and print fake doctors notes you might just quit out of sheer frustration. Another idea is to use a doctors excuse.

Not everyone is a new employee, some people have been with Employees That Have Seen it All Through the Years the same company for years. They have plenty of vacation and sick days to use. So why would this employee use a fake doctors note? After all, if they were truly in the hospital then his co-workers would surely be aware of any pre-existing conditions. Only a catastrophe could be used as an excuse, but that means a big lie would be told and no one wants that. They just need a day off from work.


Fake Doctor’s Note – Download and Print for Work or School

5 Good Reasons to Take a Day Off Work (With a Physician’s Note) if You’ve Got Seniority

1. Your having a mid-life crisis and really need to drive the new 1993 Limited Edition Mazda Miata you just bought from some guy on Craigslist.
2. The sun is shining outside and that’s way healthier then the florescent lighting in the office.
3. Your book club is meeting tonight and you haven’t even cracked the cover.
4. You just found out you (or your spouse) is pregnant.
5. The new guy that you trained just got his own office.

Today’s workforce is faced with new challenges across the board (here are some examples on it). The goal is to keep your job and your good name. Using fake doctors notes can help eliminate stress, therefore ensuring a better work experience. Do not abuse your doctors note by calling out sick for every Tuesday for example, when a project deadline is due or even once a month. Too many notes from the doctor may lead to your employer calling your real doctor.
If that happens, take two asprin and call him in the morning, you just might need the real McCoy if your addiction to using fake notes has become a problem. Also consider a using a doctors note template.

Another great resource we like is a recent doctors note news piece that I found on the internet.  Its quite interesting. Check it out.